Upland Unified School District

The Upland Unified School District’s newly hired superintendent was greeted with news that the district was looking at a significant budget shortfall. The new administration quickly initiated a number of measures to address the financial crisis. Six months later, the district saw a dramatic improvement and the superintendent was set to announce at the upcoming school board meeting that the district was once again financially sound and projecting solid numbers over the next three years.

UUSD Daily Bulletin_Page_1 copyBy coincidence, the state report reflecting not-yet updated figures was released, indicating that the UUSD might not be able to meet its financial obligations. When the local newspaper picked up the outdated state report and wrote an online story about the grim economic picture in the Upland district, our team at 20/20 was called to restore order before the story hit the print editions. Quickly calling our contacts at the newspaper, we were able to get the current information to the reporter and connect him with district officials. The reporter was able to immediately remove the outdated information and follow with an article that reflected the current accurate figures – this time actually speaking with district officials rather than taking the state report at face value. The positive account appeared on the front page of the next day’s newspaper, and over the next week, three additional stories followed that hailed the district’s remarkable reversal in a short period. The district’s financial turnaround proved to be the key message for additional correspondence that followed from the district to the media, staff and families.

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