Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Working as part of The 20/20 Network team, we helped the Southern California Association of Governments generate positive attention for several major events in 2014, including the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments’ Transportation Summit in March, SCAG’s Regional Council and General Assembly meeting in May, and the War on Poverty Summit in August. Our efforts helped generate unprecedented media coverage for each of those events, as well as greater community awareness and understanding about the topics that were the focus of each of those events.SCAG

As evidence, every major Los Angeles television station covered the Transportation Summit, while more than 20 media outlets provided coverage of the Regional Council and General Assembly in Indian Wells, including a large contingent of Coachella Valley media that had not given attention to the conference in previous years. However, the biggest coverage came in advance of the War on Poverty Summit, in which almost all major Southern California newspapers ran advance editorial pieces about the War on Poverty. Attendance at the summit far surpassed goals, and widespread news coverage followed the event.

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