Los Angeles County Fair Cattle Drive

cattleNeeding to extend media coverage for the Los Angeles County Fair throughout its entire four-week run, Fair organizers developed a special event to draw media and community attention to the Fair’s last of four weekends. Looking for something beyond the Fair’s many entertainment offerings, organizers staged a cattle drive covering several miles over city streets. With nearly 400 head of cattle and nearly 100 riders, the event took place on the Friday of the Fair’s closing weekend. Local streets throughout the cattle drive route were filled with onlookers from the community, and Fair attendance spiked over the closing weekend. Cattle Drive Revives 'Best of Old West' - Los Angeles Times_Page_1Media relations efforts garnered national television coverage for the cattle drive on CNN, as well as coverage by every Los Angeles-based television station and key radio stations. The Los Angeles Times and newspapers throughout Southern California also covered the event. The monetary value of the single-day media coverage was estimated at around $75,000, based on the year’s advertising equivalent rates (which would be significantly more based on news vs. advertising comparisons). Sid Robinson’s media program was awarded the “Best of Pro” overall best award by the Public Communicators of Los Angeles, and it was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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