Fairplex Park Fatal Jockey Accident

Jockey Killed in Accident at Fairgrounds in Pomona - Sports- He is trampled after horse breaks legs and falls. Death is first at Southland thoroughbred track since 1975. - Los Angeles Times_Page_1Media coverage for Opening Day of the Los Angeles County Fair has traditionally been strong, with most Southern California television stations and newspapers sending reporters to the event. Not long after cutting the ribbon on another widely attended opening day, tragedy struck at the fairgrounds’ racetrack when a jockey was killed during a horse race. Sid Robinson and his team sprung to action immediately to provide information to news media, which was already on the grounds covering the Fair’s annual opening day activities. Quickly gathering all of the details and ensuring that family had been informed, Robinson addressed the media continually over the next two days. All media questions were handled openly and quickly, and all calls were returned to reporters. The story was reported factually for what it was – a terrible accident – without blame or speculation. At the end of the second day of non-stop media attention, one of the local television stations that had been on site throughout the ordeal responded that because of the public relations team’s hard work, they would be doing a separate positive feature story about the Fair, with no mention of the accident. The situation soon was out of the news, affording the family and the horse racing community as much privacy as possible, and the focus was once again on the Fair.

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