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Crafton Hills College set out to update its campus website with new text, graphics and photos for 42 degree and 24 certificate programs. Operating as a one-person department, the college’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations turned to Sid Robinson to develop compelling web content for each degree and certificate offered by Crafton Hills College. Working with the CHC Director of Marketing and Web Developer, Robinson created a timeline and flowchart for the project that included new content for 66 individual pages. Each new page illustrated program descriptions, reasons for studying each subject, student expectations for each program, potential career paths, potential transfer opportunities, estimated salary ranges for jobs within each field, student testimonials, related campus activities and clubs, and information about faculty members. The projectwas completed on deadline and provided Crafton Hills College web designers with content to fill all academic department and division web pages.


CHC was revamping its website, specifically the degrees and certificates pages that draw students to our college. The project demanded research and writing that is time consuming. Sid took on that detailed part of the project, researching and writing copy for over 50 degree and certificate programs. He completed the job within two weeks, helping us complete the project ahead of schedule.”

– Donna Hoffmann, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Crafton Hills College

Crafton Hills College

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