Cal State San Bernardino Presidential Transition

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.26.55 AMThe decision by a popular university president to retire after 15 years in office set off more than a year’s worth of activities that put him, his successor and the university in the public spotlight. As the associate vice president for public affairs at California State University, San Bernardino, Sid Robinson was responsible for coordinating and managing the public announcement of the president’s retirement and documenting his 15-year legacy over his next 11 months in office. This resulted in numerous feature stories about the outgoing president, including the cover story of a local magazine. Simultaneously, Robinson orchestrated media coverage surrounding the announcement of the incoming president and oversaw his introduction to the community through the news media. This involved a finely synchronized effort to announce the selection of the new president and coordinate media interviews with him while he was closing out his tenure at his previous university in New York. This included one-on-one interviews during a brief visit in San Bernardino following the initial announcement, as well as a series of interviews with local media when he officially stepped into his position two months later. All targeted media responded with stories about the new president both after the announcement and again after his arrival on campus, helping the community to become familiar with the new president well before the fall term began.

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