Reputation Management

The backbone of proper leadership and management is doing the right thing. But sometimes even the most ethical and honest person can be caught in a situation that jeopardizes his or her character or the reputation of his or her organization.

PitfallsLikewise, ethical news reporting is based on a fair and balanced account of a story. While there are no guarantees that the media will always accurately tell your side of the story, and there are no magic solutions for managing outside factors during a contentious or crisis situation, you still have a reputation to uphold.

Although your cooperation with the media may not change the focus of the news, it can help to create a more positive – or less negative – story tone. Similarly, a lack of cooperation can cause resentment with the reporter and result in coverage with a more negative flavor.

Robinson and Associates will work with you to determine the proper steps for the specific situation, and the most appropriate communications approaches to reach all of your most important constituents, both within and outside of your organization. Ultimately, your actions – including your next steps and your communications – will dictate how you are perceived.

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